Inspiring Food Waste Prevention

Forgotten leftovers. Old milk. Half-eaten meals. Do you find yourself throwing away food but wishing there was a better way?

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Welcome to Make Food No Waste

We’re Make Food Not Waste–a community of people who know that food is better eaten than wasted. It’s better for your budget, better for our community, and better for our planet.

Why Food Waste

Wasted food is the food that can otherwise be eaten but is thrown away. In the U.S., we waste 40% of the food we grow and most of that happens at home.

That waste costs money — estimates are that families of four can save anywhere from $1600 – $2200 a year by not throwing as much food away. And it costs our environment because food that rots in landfills turns into a greenhouse gas that makes the earth hotter.

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Imperfect to Some, Perfect to Us

Not all fruits and vegetables look like what we see in the grocery store. Where does all that funny looking produce go? Sadly, much of it gets thrown away or is left on the fields even though it tastes just like the uniform produce we see in the stores.

Hungry Harvest is one of the organizations that stops this from happening. They rescue those fruits and vegetables that don’t make the cut and deliver them to home cooks. In just a few years, Hungry Harvest has kept more than 9 millions pounds of food from ending up in landfills–good news for our planet, our farmers and our bellies.

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