Ending Food Waste

Our mission is to create lasting solutions to food waste in Michigan.

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Welcome to Make Food Not Waste

We’re Make Food Not Waste–a community of people who know that food is better eaten than wasted. It’s better for your budget, better for our community, and better for our planet.

Why Food Waste

Wasted food is the food that can otherwise be eaten but is thrown away. In the U.S., we waste 40% of the food we grow and most of that happens at home and in food service.

That waste costs money — estimates are that families of four can save anywhere from $1600 – $2200 a year by not throwing as much food away, and businesses much more. It costs our environment too because food that rots in landfills turns into a greenhouse gas that makes the earth hotter.

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Our Vision

Landfills are no place for food. We believe in finding a proper home for all food — human tummies, animal bellies or compost bins. We work to prevent food from being wasted in the first place and then make sure the rest finds its way to the right spot.

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