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Make Food Not Waste was founded in Detroit in 2017 to inspire home cooks to waste less. Our goal is to eliminate food waste from Michigan homes and food-related businesses.

Landfills are no place for food. We believe in finding a proper home for all food — human tummies, animal bellies or compost bins. We work to prevent food from being wasted in the first place and then make sure the rest finds its way to the right spot.

Across our relationships with each other, partners, friends and supporters, we are unified by one set of values:

  • Joy. We remain positive and supportive in our attitude and treat others with kindness
    Courage. We are willing to take on big challenges and atypical projects
  • Generosity. We are here to serve our community and our partners
  • Commitment to data. We follow best practices whenever possible
  • Transformation. We do this work to make large scale change
  • Listening. We co-create experiences with the community


Danielle Todd

Executive Director

A fried egg makes just about any leftover taste better.

Ederique Goudia

Lead Chef

There’s no such thing as too much garlic!

Alexis Chingman-Tijerina


“Aim to leave every space you enter better than you found it”

Shay Goudia


One thing I learned a long time ago….when in doubt, stock it out. Add stock in place of water to any dish to add flavor and depth.

Kate Morgan

Communications Director

Whenever I have ingredients or leftovers I don’t think I’ll finish, they go in the freezer. You’d be surprised how many foods taste just as good after freezing.


Linda Braun


Make Food Not Waste is my healthy alternative to the “clean plate club.”

Stephanie Osborn


I love the idea of Make Food Not Waste because it works to solve two problems that I am passionate about: mitigating climate change and feeding people. After spending time working on farms, I know how much hard work goes into growing food and want to make sure all of it can be enjoyed and not thrown away.

Dorothy Hernandez


 grew up in a household where throwing away food, especially rice, was unacceptable. My favorite thing to do to cut down on food waste is to make fried rice out of leftovers. Spam, grilled vegetables, taco meat, you name it — if it’s leftovers it will be great in fried rice (and stealing Danielle’s tip, a fried egg is the perfect topping)!

Tawnya Clark


I began volunteering with Make Food Not Waste in 2019, and I am honored to serve on the board as we work toward our vision of zero food waste in Michigan food-related businesses and homes.

Tracy Zeman

Board Member

MFNW offers common-sense, implementable, and replicable solutions to a global ecological crisis. What’s better than that?


Planet Detroit