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Ending Food Waste

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Make Food Not Waste was founded in Detroit in 2017 to inspire home cooks to waste less. Since then, we’ve scaled our work to create lasting solutions to food waste across the food system.



We work with eaters and food service operators to prevent food from being wasted. Through events, community outreach, and training, we demonstrate how chefs and cooks can make their food go further, saving money and saving the planet.

Food Recovery

Some surplus food needs to be processed before going to people. Our Upcycling Kitchen seeks to challenge expectations of what food items can be transformed into delicious, nutritious dishes. We deliberately seek out food items that would be otherwise sent to landfills but can instead be repurposed into nutritious, delicious meals for our community.


Good policy facilitates the actions that keep food out of landfills. We work with local and statewide efforts to encourage policies that will promote food waste elimination efforts.