World Wildlife Fund Visits Detroit


World Wildlife Fund works on some of the most important conservation issues facing our planet, so it’s no surprise that wasted food makes their list. Samantha Kenny, WWF’s Program Office on Food Waste, joins us on September 30 to talk about easy ways people can use up every last bit of food when cooking at home. Hear from her why this issue matters to her. MFNW: Why is the issue of reducing food [...]

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Book Signing with Chef Ben Hall


The James Beard Foundation’s new cookbook Waste Not: How to Get the Most From Your Food is debuting this month, just in time for Make Food Not Waste! Featuring 100 recipes from JBF award winners and alums from their Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change, the book will show you how to make delicious dishes from every last bit of food. Best of all, one of the book’s featured chefs, Chef Ben [...]

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What About Our Waste?


How does an event called “Make Food Not Waste” handle its own waste? Thanks to partners in the community, we’ll be composting food scraps, napkins and plates and recycling the utensils. One of those partners is Maria Marin, president and CEO/Founder of Unlimited Recycling. We asked Maria about her support of Make Food Not Waste to learn more about what’s behind her participation: MFNW: Why is the issue of reducing food waste important [...]

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This Labor Day, Thank a Farmer


This is my Papa, Frank DiMuzio, Sr. He was a vegetable farmer in New Jersey back when farms defined the state’s moniker, the Garden State. For me, it’s the greenhouse that I remember most. And to this day, the smell of warm tomatoes takes me right back to being with him. He was a softy to his granddaughter, but not someone you wanted to mess with otherwise. Big, calloused hands that he used [...]

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Interview: Kroger Zero Hunger Zero Waste


Kroger has been making headlines by demonstrating its leadership in and commitment to ending hunger and eliminating waste. Just last week, the company announced that it has started phasing out single-use plastic bags and will completely discontinue distributing plastic bags by 2025. This announcement complements Kroger’s other social and environmental actions already in place including donating million of pounds of safe, surplus food to local food banks, reclaiming non-edible food through composting or [...]

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An Interview: Detroit Feedback Loop


What started as a Wayne State University student organization to rescue excess food from campus kitchens and local restaurants from going to waste has grown into a 501(c)3 nonprofit, winning community support along the way. Still run by students, the group has created a system for volunteer student drivers to safely deliver fresh, prepared food to nearby homeless shelters, helping to both feed hungry neighbors and keep food out of landfills. Detroit Feedback [...]

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