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Feed People

Why waste food when so many people don’t have good food to eat? Our Upcycling Kitchen located in Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church in Detroit makes use of all sorts of edible, nutritious food and keeps it from going to waste.

Each week, our chefs create meals for the community using food that needs to be cooked before heading out the door. Ingredients like farm surpluses and food distributor closeouts along with unexpected nutrients like brewer grain and juice pulp turn into delicious dishes for eaters to enjoy.

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Teach Home Cooks

What would you do with $1500?

Using up all the food you buy is great for the environment AND great for your wallet. Did you know the average family of four spends $1500 on food that they don’t eat? Let us help you keep more money in your pocket while you keep food out of landfills.

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Group Classes

Our custom classes for your school, workplace or organization will help you build your network of people who know how to waste less. Get in touch with us to talk about a program that works best for you.

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Advise Commercial Kitchens

Putting some food waste policies in place can save you significant money. How much? The typical commercial kitchen can shave 5% off food costs. Let us help show you how that can work in your operation.

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Improve the Food System

Good policy and incentives can go a long way in diverting food from landfills. We offer local and state officials support in understanding how their work can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

You can make a real difference by telling your state representative that you appreciate their efforts to stop food from going to waste in Michigan. Contact your state rep today