Why Food Waste

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You’ve probably heard the statistic that Americans throw away 40% of the food we grow. It sounds like a big deal, and it is. When food is landfilled, it releases methane into the atmosphere as it breaks down. And methane puts the “warming” in our “global warming.” Keep food out of landfills and you stop making our planet so darn warm. Easy, right?

You know what else makes keeping food out of landfills great? You don’t waste all that water, land, and transportation that goes into growing food. That means we get to use all that good stuff for more important things.

If all that still doesn’t have you convinced, consider the money you could save! The average family of four throws away $1500 a year. The typical commercial kitchen blows 5% of its food costs. Just think of what you could do with all that cash by learning some easy tips and tricks to waste less.

Where is the waste?

Anywhere food changes hands, food gets wasted. Yet most of food waste occurs in consumer-facing businesses and our homes, which is why our work focuses on those areas.

Source: ReFED

What can be done?

Where to begin when tackling this issue? There are many ways to keep food out of landfills. And really, the best solution is any solution. At Make Food Not Waste, we focus on the areas at the top of the EPA’s Food Recovery Hierarchy.

The truth is, anything you can do to keep food out of landfills is valuable.

To learn more about other solutions, take a look at the research from our friends at ReFED.